Attention to detail

We execute your idea with good quality and a reasonable price

We follow the schedule

We stick to an agreed schedule while carrying out work

A fixed budget

We complete remodeling work according to the budget that is provided and approved by you

Good customer service

We manage the project by ourselves and we will provide you with support throughout the entire construction process

Our services

Have you bought real estate in Estonia or want to remodel an already existing home? Have a look at the ways we can help you with remodeling your house, apartment or office?


We value quality in remodeling apartments, houses, and offices. We do the finishing work, tiling, parquet installation, general construction works and, if necessary, refurbish the entire house or office – according to your vision and wishes.


Bathroom remodeling is usually the most expensive, labour-intensive and complex part of home remodeling. Our builders use their use their expertise to construct rooms resistant to the effects of humidity. We will renovate you bathroom completely – so it will last.


When a job calls for rebuilding the construction of a room, our handymen build a solid structure. Then, by conducting finishing work and adding design elements, we will bring your vision to life. We carry out general construction work with great care since it will affect the longevity of remodeling work.


The range of ceramic tiles in the retail industry is diverse and they are perfect for decorating your bathroom, kitchen or hallway – you only need someone who competently installs them. Estonian Builders will help!


A functional electrical system is one of the most important aspects of a safe apartment. Our electricians replace outdated cables and electrical shields, and install plugs, switches, and lights. All you need to do is press the switch.


Need a minor repair at home or in the office? We can help you out! We offer construction services for homeowners and office managers for minor repairs and renovations. Call a handyman and pay on an hourly rate basis – no job is too small for us.


Our builders are experienced in finishing works so that the final result is as good as you imagined. We perform paintwork, install wallpaper, and create mural paintings so that your ideas get the execution they deserve.


It is easy to perform impersonal repairs – straighten the walls, paint them white, and bring in IKEA furniture. If conventional remodeling does not satisfy you, we will help you create original and personalized interior designs. Together we will make your ideas come true!


Finding suitable wallpaper is a rather tedious and time-consuming activity. Why not to choose a mural painting if you want a distinctive wall for a child’s room or to decorate a home’s atrium? You can choose your own patterns and mood, only your imagination is the limit.

A Reliable General Contractor in Tallinn

Estonian Builders are your personal handymen in Tallinn. We offer good value for money, are flexible in terms of your requirements, and provide good customer service. We carry out general construction work, finishing work, electrical work, and plumbing, but our strengths are best shown in the complete remodeling of an office, home, or bathroom.


We stick to agreements and timetables, build according to budgets, and are a good partner for you throughout a project. We offer complete solutions for construction and remodeling work – we manage the project by ourselves and we will provide you with support throughout the entire construction process.


We gladly give you proposals for redesigning and improving your home, and, better yet, bring these ideas to life. Our goal is to help you achieve your home improvement goals by providing the result you wanted, according to your budget and deadline.


Our construction workers have worked throughout Europe. We value continuous self-improvement in order to offer a great service to our customers and business partners.

Good value for money

Diligent work ethic

Fixed schedule

We stick to the budget

Great customer service

At Estonian Builders, we know that the customer does not just want someone to come and tile or paint a wall. It is important to have a complete outcome that will provide pleasure for years to come.

Do you plan to remodel your bathroom in Tallinn, Tartu or other areas in Estonia? Would you like to make your kitchen more functional while using some good ideas found on Pinterest? Need a handyman to carry out some repairs in your apartment or office? Or do you want to redesign the whole house just as you always dreamed?

No matter what kind of final result you want to achieve with remodeling, our builders can help you with their experience and skills. Estonian Builders is a renovation company based in Tallinn offering commercial and residential construction services. We carry out your repairs, renovation or home/office improvement project from concept to completion. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.


Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project, we have ingenious ideas
that become reality and we make every client happy.

Professional Builder

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Certified Experience

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Competitive Prices

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Advanced Tools

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Our portfolio

We execute our customers’ ideas and visions to achieve results that we can be proud of. See examples of our previous construction and remodeling works.

Construction and tiling of a sauna

Construction and remodeling

Apartment remodeling

Construction and remodeling

Bathroom renovation

Construction and remodeling

Good results come from cooperation with you. We want to help you create a home where you could feel comfortable and safe. We support you throughout the entire construction process – from the creation of the design plan and agreements with the apartment association until the end of construction work – and we give a guarantee for all our work.

We are not afraid of unexpected problems and we find solutions to execute your plans. See what our customers have said about cooperation with us.



The team who can create everything from scratch and has ingenious ideas is here
and is more than happy to help you.


We are proud to present you our latest projects that have behind a great team
and hard work, but very satisfied clients.

Estonian Builders will do everything that is necessary for remodeling your home or office in Tallinn

Clients about us

Monika Mikiver
We had already planned to renovate the second floor of our house - to insulate the ceilings and walls, install new flooring, change the layout of the rooms and design new inner decoration. It was very difficult to find workers for such job because the work was labour-intensive and, as this was an old farmhouse, there had to be ready for the unexpected. Estonian Builders made us an offer and promised to get the job done in a reasonable time. We are very grateful to them, because the men really kept their word. The work was quick and decent and we are now considering the same option for the first floor. Of course, in that case, we also want to use the service of Estonian Builders.
Monika Mikiver


Katrina Jõemaa
We wanted a new kitchen and we were looking for the right contractor. When we sent a price request to Estonian Builders, we immediately realized that they are very different builders. Emails were answered immediately and properly, and they were also easy to contact over the phone. After an inspection, they made a very thorough price quote, after which the exact course of the project became clearer for us. The builders were professional, and the work efficient, but nevertheless, the rooms adjacent to the kitchen remained clean so life could continue during the remodeling. The deadlines were adhered to, and the budget did not go up during the work – what more could be desired?
Katrina Jõemaa


Ruth Türk
We embarked upon the complete remodeling of a summerhouse. From the first emails we exchanged with Estonian Builders, their particularly good communication with clients stood out. Having received a bid from them and thoroughly reviewed the worksite together, we chose them for this project . I am very happy with the result – everything went just as we had agreed, and the company adhered to the budget and deadlines.
Ruth Türk


Rudolf Purge
It was necessary to remodel a bathroom, during which time the sanitary wares needed to be changed and plumbing had to be worked on. Getting in contact with Estonian builders was easy and the repairmen were present at the agreed time. The work was done professionally and in due time. In the future, I will not be looking elsewhere if I need a builder to do something in the apartment.
Rudolf Purge

IT Specialist

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