Finishing is more than just painting – it also involves preparing the substrate by levelling, plastering, sanding and priming. Only then can the wall be painted, wallpapered or decorated. There is a lot more to a good paint job than just dragging a brush or a roller across a wall, and the end result will immediately tell you whether the work has been done by a professional or an amateur. In many ways, the finish is the most crucial aspect of the entire renovation process as it determines the final appearance. An incompetently done finish will undo all the careful preparation.


Estonian Builders has years of experience and a steady hand in the finishing works – to make sure the end result is exactly as good as you have imagined. To turn your ideas into reality, we paint, wallpaper and paint murals.

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Finishing works are the visible layer of your home renovation. Make sure they are done by professionals – ask for a quote!

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