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Estonian Builders specializes in construction services as well as commercial and residential renovations. We build, repair, and remodel as agreed – we stick to your schedule and budget. Estonian Builders offers a complete solution – we manage the project by ourselves and provide you with support and advice throughout the construction and remodeling process.

Our builders have worked throughout Europe and bring all of their experience to your remodeling project. No matter what kind of final result you want to achieve – with our experience and skills we will bring your ideas to life.

Our services

Estonian Builders offers a wide range of construction services to cover all of your needs, in the home or office. From full gut renovations to refurbishment and minor repairs – we have you covered. As general contractors we provide the following services:

  • Apartment, house, and office remodeling;
  • Bathroom remodeling;
  • General construction work;
  • Finishing work;
  • Tiling;
  • Water insulation;
  • Electrical work;
  • Plumbing and installing fixtures;
  • Mural paintings;
  • Flooring;
  • Assembly and installation of vanities and furniture;
  • Minor repairs and refurbishment;
  • Interior design service.

Apartment, house, and office remodeling – a full-service approach

Estonian Builders offers complete turnkey solutions to commercial and residential renovations. In this case we will handle everything from planning to clean-up.

Apartment renovations, refurbishments and repairs

Apartment remodeling works brings out our strengths in the best way possible – creating a complete home based on your wishes and ideas. We offer apartment renovation and remodeling as a turnkey solution – starting from consultation and design, sorting out the permits, managing the project, conducting the actual construction work, helping with the selection of features and products and ending with the clean-up work. We value high quality and as we have comprehensive experience and knowledge in apartment remodeling, can foresee any possible problems on the way. This is a major advantage because it helps us to plan the schedule and budget for the renovations and actually stick to it. We provide exceptional customer service throughout the construction process and after everything is finished, provide a warranty. Want to remodel your apartment in Tallinn or other areas is Estonia? Ask us for a quote!

House interior remodeling, general construction work and repairs

The remodeling of a house is often a challenging process full of unexpected turns of event. If you have a house needing renovation, unless you have built it yourself, you never really know what is hiding under the surface. This means that even if you are planning a minor refurbishment you might end up changing out the floors, electrical system, and plumbing, in addition to the planned finishing work. This is where our experience comes in handy to assess the actual amount of work needing to be done. We will also make the price calculations and provide comprehensive support throughout the process to make your house remodeling as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Office renovation, construction work and refurbishment

The working environment is of utmost importance if you want to achieve great results in your office. We provide commercial construction and renovation services in Tallinn, Tartu, and everywhere else in Estonia. With years of experience we have developed our construction management process and building technique in a way that office repairs and renovations can be conducted fast, efficiently, and with high quality. Our diligent work ethic and attention to detail ensures that work is carried out with minimal possible disturbance to your workers. Would you like to build an inspiring conference room or a relaxing resting space? Or add a mural painting or other feature to impress your clients? It would be an honour for us to remodel your office or bureau to attain peak functionality and high quality.

Home improvement work – room-by-room

There is not always a need or even the budget to overhaul your whole house or apartment – and that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes refurbishing even one room at your home can make a huge difference. Here are some reasons why you should consider renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom – and some services we can provide for each of these rooms to provide them with a well deserved upgrade.

Bathroom renovation – from tiling to installing fixtures

The bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in a home or office but usually makes for the biggest headache. Why? Because bathroom remodeling is the most expensive, labour-intensive, and complicated part of home or office remodeling. There is literally no cutting corners in the quality of bathroom renovations because even minor mistakes can be a risk to your health and a thorn in your side for years to come. We can help you in redesign and conduct all of the work your bathroom requires. As keeping the costs reasonable is a major factor in bathroom remodeling, we will help you to choose the solutions which will make you happy and also stay within your budget. The works that we do during the renovation of a bathroom include:

  • General construction work;
  • Plumbing;
  • Electrical work;
  • Water insulation;
  • Tiling;
  • Mounting and replacing fixtures and vanities;
  • Sauna building, renovation, and repair.

Kitchen remodeling for more space and functionality

The kitchen is often the heart of a home. This means that the kitchen has to be practical, functional, safe, and generally a nice place to be. At Estonian Builders, we know the importance of a nice, high-quality kitchen, and in our renovations and remodeling we seek to provide exactly that to our customers. We can give you suggestions how to find more room, get more functionality out of the kitchen and make it more attractive. Even better – we carry out the necessary repairs, renovations, construction, and other additional work to make your ideas a reality. Some of the work that we do during the kitchen remodeling are:

  • General construction work
  • Tiling
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Finishing work
  • Installing kitchen cabinets, furniture, and appliances
  • Installing fixtures

Refurbishment of halls, studies, living rooms, and bedrooms – express yourself

Bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and hallways are places to express yourself. These are also the places where you generally spend most of the time at home, which means they need to be constructed and refurbished with high quality. Surely you have found some great ideas on Pinterest or have a vision of your own which needs to be executed professionally? Our workers have the experience and quality to bring your ideas to life so that they will last. We can also assist you in creating functional, comfortable, and beautiful spaces with the help of our interior designer. If you have an idea, we will find a solution. In remodeling and refurbishment of living spaces we can help you with the following:

  • Interior design
  • Installation of parquet and battens
  • Electrical work
  • Finishing work
  • Mural painting
  • Repairs and refurbishment

Construction, refurbishment and repair services

Sometimes you only need one specific job to be carried out – fortunately no job is too small for us. Your bathroom needs new tiling? No problem. Your floors are worn or scratched? We will install new parquet or a hardwood floor. The paint on the walls is chipped and the wallpaper looks tired? We’ll complete the new finishing. Here are some specific works we provide in your home or office.

General construction work

Every renovation or remodeling in an apartment, house, or office starts with general construction work. This consists of the demolition of preexisting walls and floors that are no longer needed, constructing the new floors and walls from the ground up, installing doors and windows, etc. General construction is basically the canvas of your new interior design and our builders do it with great care and quality, because it directly affects the longevity of remodeling work. Estonian Builders provides general construction work in Tallinn, Harjumaa, and other parts of Estonia.

Electrical work

Older houses tend to have an outdated electrical system, which becomes more and more hazardous with each passing year. This means that a thorough remodeling should include the replacement of the whole electrical system, considering safety and your needs in each room. In addition to wiring, our electricians help to plan the layout of lamps and outlets so that you have sufficient lighting and enough outlets in the right places for better quality of life.

Plumbing and fixture installation

Sufficient and reliable plumbing is essential to your peace of mind because problems with plumbing become expensive fast. This means that in addition to assessing the electrical system, a thorough examination and possible replacement of piping is also an important part of a quality renovation. In addition to piping, our builders are experts at installing different bathroom and kitchen fixtures – faucets, shower heads, toilets, tubs, etc.

Installation of vanities and furniture

Furniture nowadays often comes in a flatpack. There are usually instructions that come with it but for some reason the assembly always takes more time than you planned and some screws a) always seem to be left over or b) are missing. This means that the assembly and installation of furniture or vanities is better left to our seasoned and experienced professionals, who do their jobs efficiently.

Tiling for walls and floors

Tiling is a job that needs expert knowledge and for a high quality outcome, calls for vast experience. Tiling with preparations, such as water insulation , is a precision job and requires attention to detail. Every uneven tile, corner that has broken off, and caulking mistake affects the longevity of the renovation and will soon start to annoy you. If you are looking for a specialist in tiling in Tallinn or other parts of Estonia, ask for a quotation – we won’t let you down.

Flooring – installation of parquet and battens

Parquet is one of the most preferable floor coverings in Estonian homes. Maybe it is due to love of nature, or Estonia’s many forests, but hardwood floors are a must-have in almost every home in Estonia. At Estonian Builders, we know how to install parquet and battens, so that beautiful wooden patterns, with the right care, will last for years to come.

Finishing work

The general construction work, plumbing, electrical work, flooring, and tiling are done. Now comes the part that will actually be seen after the renovation, remodeling, or refurbishment is done – the interior finishing. Since diligent preparation can be totally ruined by sloppy finishing, this is the most important part of the construction process. Thus, our builders put extra care into plastering and puttying, as well as painting and installing wallpaper. For high quality finishing work, ask us for a quotation.

Interior design service

We love your ideas because after all, it is your home. But an idea on its own can look isolated and out of place in a house, apartment, or office. Our interior designer can fill the void and turn your ideas into a complete interior design vision. The best time for an interior designer to start working with you is while you are planning a space’s new layout, because in addition to making it beautiful, interior designers are rather good at adding functionality to any room of your home or office. If you want to build the home of your dreams, consulting an interior designer is essential – and in the end you will see why.

Mural paintings

Let’s be honest, choosing wallpapers and matching patterns is rather tedious and time-consuming. Why not make the wall of you child’s room come to life with a mural painting of their favourite character! The paintings are not limited to walls, we would also be glad be glad to create a bespoke painting for a ceiling. Only the sky is a limit as our mural paintings merge your ideas and available wall surfaces into a wonderland.

Repairs and refurbishment

As much as we would like to remodel you whole home or office, we know that it is always not needed. If you need a handyman in Tallinn, we would be glad to help you with minor refurbishments and repairs, to restore your home or office to its former functionality (if not make it better still). If your living room needs a fresh coat of paint or a shelf needs assembly and installation, you can also get in touch. No work is too small if it helps to improve your quality of life or work environment.

If you are a landlord, we can help you with repairs during a tenant’s stay, and also refurbish your apartment before the next tenant moves in. Finishing work, flooring, installing fixtures, and plumbing are part of our everyday work –  we do them with high quality and great care.

Estonian Builders – renovation, building and interior general contracting in Estonia

Estonian Builders provides a full suite of services for commercial and residential construction and renovations. We are seasoned professionals who can foresee problems, help you with planning ,and provide you a complete solution that improves your quality of life for years after the work is finished.

Regardless of the desired outcome, our builders will help you achieve your remodeling goals in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, or other areas in Estonia. Get in touch and we will make your ideas a reality.

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