It’s easy to do a standard renovation – straighten the walls, paint them white and bring in IKEA furniture. Any other construction worker could do this satisfactorily. However, if ordinary isn’t enough for you, we can help you create an original and personalised interior.

The best time to start interior design is when the home is being planned – this is when the interior designer can have a say in the layout. Good interior design is so much more than just choosing furniture or colours. We can make the layout of your home more functional and comfortable for you and your family.


While every interior designer has their own influences and style, we want to create solutions that are inspired by you and your vision. Found some exciting ideas on the Internet? We’ll find ways to tastefully integrate them into your home. We can suggest the right materials, colour scheme, furniture and design elements to help you create a complete solution.

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Make your freshly renovated home look good – a professional interior designer will transform an apartment into a home.

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